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The Way of Saint James For All in Catalonia (WSJFA) is promoting ethical, sustainable and accessibe tourism, together with the inclusiveness of all people, not only as employers or employees, but also as travellers. WSJFA invite everyone to enjoy various kinds of touristic activities, since, as the case study mentions, the activities included under the categories of tourism and leisure are key to enjoying quality of life. The case study is mainly focused on people with disabilities or reduced mobility, especially the sensory and the hearing impaired. While promoting the “universality”, Catalan Tourist Board developed a website, that is additionally adjusted for disabled people, which is the main tool for reaching their set aim. The content of the website is translated into Spanish, Catalan and international sign languages, contains audios, videos and subtitles and offers touristic opportunities for groups of people with sensory disabilities (blind and deaf). The project contributes to all five key areas that are stated by International Year of Tourism for Development 2017. The attraction of the tourists gives benefit to the local economy, includes all social groups and is directed to provide more possibilities to people with disabilities or reduced mobility. The project is involved in tourism sustainability by reducing pressure of most visited areas of Catalonia and providing more visability to the territories that are not sun and sea dependent. Cultural heritage is encouraged by paying importance to landmarks, environment, and by giving the opportunity to all people to understand what is to be seen, tasted and walked. Finally, the project is able to offer an opportunity to all to see far beyond what a common, not disabled tourist can see and to approach the way of Saint James to all the people and especially, in this case, to disabled people.

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