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10YFP STP Portfolio: We Water Experience: Educating youth in sustainability, building the future of tourism

The decisions of young people today will shape the world tomorrow. Inspiring youth to conserve precious water resources is at the heart of an educational platform called the We Water Experience project, project, based on a virtual classroom designed by Tesouros de Galicia and funded by Inditex in China.
Through this platform, Chinese schoolchildren aged 12 to 16 learn about water as a fundamental resource for human health, biodiversity and sustainability. The project aims to inspire students to adopt responsible consumer practices. The project’s educational sessions feature a video, available in English, Chinese and Spanish, which presents key concepts such as water cycle, water pollution, and water footprint and explains that imbalances often cause chain reactions in ecosystems – as an example, the warming of the oceans leads to the increase in frequency and intensity of tropical cyclones. Students are then encouraged to contribute to water and pollution management, even though small actions, such as not wasting food, consuming local products, and using bicycles or public transportation, that, collectively taken, may lead to great results.

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