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The HOTEL RIFIUTI ZERO® project dramatically reduces the environmental impact of tourist facilities by offering its consultancy, currently in Italy and Slovenia. The idea behind the project is to make the hospitality industry the emblem of sustainability, respect and conservation. The strategy is geared towards structures such as hotels, farmhouses, restaurants and bars in tourist resorts that want to make sustainability an added value while at the same time increasing the business incomes thanks to the steady rise of so-called “green travelers”. These facilities, through staff training, accurate supplier selection and adequate customer communication, are able to achieve an optimum management system minimizing the environmental impact through a 40% reduction in waste produced and an annual decrease of 15-20% of electricity and water consumption. Members of the project have to pay a membership fee, although typically they notice the return of the investment after the first year of implementation. The initiative contributes to key pillars of International year of Tourism for Development 2017: project pursues the goal of a more sustainable and more profitable business model, with the idea of a circular economy that excludes the existence of waste, strengthens the local people skills necessary to manage infrastructure and spreads awareness of good health and hygiene practices, uses good practices of “4R” (reduce-recycle-redesign-reuse), informs customer structures about how to correctly understand the values and the good practices to apply.

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