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“I deeply recommend people to dare to enter this program ‘Posadas Turísticas’. Especially for women, and even more if they want to help their husbands to also bring an income of money into the economy of the family. For me, it gave me a job in my own house, comfortable without having to meet timetables or public transport mobilization that I cannot do anymore. I receive an interesting income through my lodge. And all the money I make I reinvest in improvements to the lodge.”

A Senatur official came home to introduce me to the program ‘Posadas Turísticas’ (Tourist Lodges). I loved it, and I agreed to join this program because I like to receive and give attention to the people in my house.

I was fortunate that most of my guests were families. Since I started getting people in my lodge I was very lucky because they come from various parts of the country. For me it is a very positive experience because it keeps me constantly busy working at home.

With most of my guests, I have an almost family relationship and we are in touch thanks to the technology of today. We send greetings and messages by cell phones.

Senatur helped me a lot, providing me with blankets, curtains, tablecloth and other items handed over to me. For me Senatur is already like my family.

Regina Martínez, Paraguay

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