Inclusive and sustainable economic growth

  • 4% or more annual increase in international tourist arrivals since 2009
  • 7% of total world exports and 30% of world services exports
  • US$ 1.5 trillion in exports from international tourism in 2015
  • 10% of world GDP

Social inclusiveness, employment and poverty reduction

  • One in every eleven jobs globally
  • Largest export category in many developing countries
  • 57% of international tourist arrivals in 2030 will be in emerging economies
  • Almost twice as many women employers as other sectors

Resource efficiency, environmental protection and climate change

  • Committed to reducing its 5% of world CO2 emissions
  • Raises financing for conservation of heritage, wildlife and the environment
  • Can be a vehicle for protecting and restoring biodiversity
  • Must sustainably manage an expected 1.8 billion international tourists in 2030

Cultural values, diversity and heritage

  • Revives traditional activities and customs
  • Empowers communities and nurtures pride within them
  • Promotes cultural diversity
  • Raises awareness of the value of heritage

Mutual understanding, peace and security

  • Breaks down barriers and builds bridges between visitors and hosts
  • Provides opportunities for cross-cultural encounters that can build peace
  • A resilient sector that recovers quickly from security threats
  • A tool for soft diplomacy

Tourism is much more than you imagine.

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